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Achieve Your Fitness Goals

No matter your age or stage, The SweatShop delivers world-class trainers, customized training programs, and a supportive community that makes reaching your next level of fitness not only rewarding—but a whole lot of fun, too.

Meet your goals and join our family.

Like you, the SweatShop is multidimensional. We are far from a one-size-fits-all club. We are more complex. We are a community as much as a club. SweatShop offers private training and small group graining,  membership, online classes and in-studio training. There is an option for everyone. Ready to start? Follow these steps for success.

Try Us

Sign up for your choice of a FREE Small Group Training session in the studio. Choose from Spin, Reformer Pilates, or one of our Fitness or Cardio groups.


Meet Us

Sign up for a free 25-minute consultation with one of our trainers to create a custom blueprint based on your personal health and fitness goals. Your time will include a fitness assessment and a no-judgement deep dive into your health and lifestyle habits to get you on the right path. 


Get Started

Sign up for one of our Intro and Starter Packages for a full introduction to Pilates, Fitness, or both! Our Intros allow you to work with multiple trainers on your health and fitness goals.

Ready to Dive-In? Start an Intro Package today!

SweatShop Starter Packages include everything you need to start your path to improved health and fitness. These immersive packages allow you to work with a variety of trainers in private training sessions, small group training, and classes. Ideally, your package is completed in 3 weeks, allowing you to create new habits and muscle memory, and to see and feel results! Your team of trainers work with you to set goals, customize a training plan, and keep you on track. You'll also receive a consultation on “what’s next” when the package ends so your fitness journey continues!


Fast Track to Reformer Intro

Learn the basics of Reformer with this package of 3 private, 55-minute Pilates sessions. 

Power Pack Fitness Intro

Start your customized fitness program with this package of 3 private, 55-minute  sessions.
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Fix-it Focus Rehab Intro

Address specific issues or injuries with a Level 4 trainers or PT in 3 private,  25-minute sessions.
Pilates Starter Package

Pilates Starter Package

  • 3, private 55-minute Pilates sessions
  • 3, Essential or Intermediate Reformer Small Group Training sessions
  • 3 weeks of unlimited mat Pilates classes
Fitness Starter Package

Fitness Starter Package

  • 3, private 55-minute fitness sessions
  • 3 Small Group Training fitness sessions (Spin, Cardio, TRX, Yoga)
  • 3 weeks of unlimited fitness classes
Dive-In Package

Try it All! Dive-In Package

  • 3 private, 55-minute fitness sessions
  • 3 private, 55-minute Pilates sessions
  • 30 day all-access membership
  • Trainer Consultation

We put the "fun" in Functional Fitness.

We get it. Training is hard. But with our expert trainers and wide variety of options, we'll have you moving in no time. We'll customize a training plan with fun, varied, challenging yet achievable workouts. Want to work out alone? No problem. Need a cohort to keep you going? We've got you covered. Take the first step with our Fitness Starter Package and start reaching for your goals today.
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We're the Pilates experts.

As the first STOTT PILATES® Training Center in the midwest, we know a thing or two about Pilates. In fact, we have some of the best Pilates trainers in the country. Whether you're looking for help with an injury, are training for a marathon, want to improve your golf swing, or just want to get or stay strong, Pilates and our trainers can help.

Book a "No Sweat" info session.

In this free 25-minute coaching session with a fitness or Pilates trainer, you'll discuss goals, map out a plan, and find out how the SweatShop can help you stay on track. 
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Membership has it's perks.

Once you complete your intro, we'll help you make a plan. If that plan includes weekly small group training (SGT) in Fitness and Pilates, a Group Training membership might be the right option. All memberships include SGTs, unlimited classes, discounts on training packages, and more. Meet with Guest Services to find your best option. 


Unlimited Functional Fitness Classes

All memberships include unlimited virtual, in-studio, and hybrid classes. You'll find what you're looking for with choices that include Cardio, Strength, TRX, Yoga, Fascia, Total Barre, and Mat Pilates. 


Small Group Training

All memberships include monthly Small Group Training (SGT) sessions. Depending on your membership level, you'll receive 4, 6, or 8 SGT's each month. We have over 20 groups each week, including Reformer Pilates, Spin, Halo, Fascia, and Cardio.


Perks and Discounts

As a member, receive these perks: 

  • Unlimited gym access
  • On-demand virtual classes
  • Quarterly guest passes
  • 10% discount on personal training 
  • 10% discount on SGT Packages 
  • 10% discount on seasonal programs
  • 10% discount on new clothing



Start with a plan that works for you, choose between an Intro Package, Starter Package or Monthly Membership

Power Pack, Fast Track to Reformer, or Fix-it Focus Intro Packages

$169 / Starting

  • Choose Pilates, fitness, or Rehab as your focus. 
  • Power Pack: 3 Fitness training sessions
  • Fast Track: 3 Pilates training sessions
  • Fix-It Focus: 3 Rehab training sessions
Pilates and Fitness Starter Packages

$269 / Starting

  • Choose either Pilates or Fitness as your focus. 
  • 3 private 55min Pilates / Fitness sessions
  • 3 Small Group Reformer / Fitness sessions
  • 3 weeks unlimited Mat Pilates or Fitness classes

Monthly Membership: Full gym access and Small Group Training

$148 / Starting Monthly

  • Unlimited virtual, in-studio, and hybrid classes.
  • Monthly Small Group Training (SGT) sessions
  • Unlimited gym access
  • On-demand virtual classes
  • Quarterly guest passes
  • Special member discounts

Dive-in to private training with
3 private fitness & 3 private Pilates sessions.

Includes a 1-month membership and access to our on-demand class library. 



One time payment

Our Most Popular Package

  • 3 private fitness sessions
  • 3 private Pilates sessions
  • 1-month membership
  • On-demand classes

Give it your all and get it all with our Dive-In package.

Why choose SweatShop?

The SweatShop team collaborates to meet your needs. We coach to empower you to reach your fitness and Pilates goals. We use cutting edge knowledge to teach, allowing you to learn new health and wellness skills, and  keep your journey fun, interesting, and effective. 

We have a world class collaborative team of professionals, marshaling decades of experience, education, and wisdom for you to partner with for your workouts. 

The SweatShop community is smart, committed, and fun, and will welcome you, partner with you  and support you on your path. You will be in great company as you reach your goals.



We've got you: Your experience

From your first contact to your weekly workouts, we listen to you. All staff members are trained to ask questions and dig deeper before making suggestion or recommendation.

The Intro process allows you (and us) to get to know each other. We'll discover where you want to go and which team member will be a good match for you, and we'll even find you the right workout group or partners. 

We will direct you to the best plan that fits with your needs, schedule and budget. We customize for you, then we coach you to hit your goals and evaluate and reset along the way.

We've got you!

You've got us: Our team

The SweatShop boasts a legacy of 40+ years of the best Pilates and fitness instructors, physical therapists, wellness coaches, and a stellar customer service team. We attract the best trainer candidates in part because we offer the opportunity for professional growth through accredited professional training and certification programs, including STOTT PILATES®. Our trainers can become Instructor Trainers and teach others, and they love being in a community where there is continued education and learning from each other.

What this means for you is you get some of the best "professors" as your trainers. You may even watch your trainer start as an intern and grow to their best, while they take you along. 


We've got each other: Engagement

There's a reason that our clients and members can't quite describe what the SweatShop experience is like. It's part gym, part community center, part social hour, part family. Our community extends beyond the walls of the club, and we engage our "SweatShoppers" in ways that stretch past traditional fitness and health boundaries. 

We hold book clubs, organize charitable giving, plan happy hours, form goal groups, host community events, and lead workshops. 

We stay connected to our community with weekly emails, our blog, notices at the studio, and even our new SS TV at the front desk. Oh yeah. We also greet you at the door and love to hang out on the couches for a long chat! 

We’re here to help

Uncovering the path to achieving your fitness goals may leave you with more questions than answers.

Let us lend a hand. 651-646-8418