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The Sweatshop story

Established in 1982, the SweatShop started on the cutting edge of fitness and training for fitness pros… and has had the staying power and innovation to stay there for over 40 years! Inspired by a desire to “find daily exercise that made me want to get up and shout for joy,” founder and president, Gayle Winegar, pours her energy into growing and supporting an awe-inspiring team and creating a community that fulfills the need for real people with real fitness and health needs to fit exercise and health into busy and complex lives.

We collaborate and focus on your needs, empowering you to keep your fitness, Pilates, health and wellness journey fun, interesting, and effective. Each time you come in, we want you to feel like we are your refuge and inspiration. Each time you leave, we want you to feel that not only did you have a great workout, but you feel like you were either metaphorically or literally, hugged and kissed.

We marshal our resources – from a team of fitness and Pilates experts to a varied menu functional fitness, STOTT PILATES® services – and deliver you a custom built plan. You can choose to work privately with trainers, join group training or special programs and/or join us on one of three memberships, each focused to meet different needs, budgets and schedules. All programs and services are available to all- members and non-members alike.


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