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Fascinating Fascia: Why it Matters

Fascia, the connective tissue that weaves throughout all the organs, muscles, and bones, is a crucial element in maintaining overall health and optimal physical function. Recent research has shed light on the major role of fascia, such as joint motion, injury prevention and healing. Like the musculoskeletal system, the fascial system changes in response to repeated stress and injury. Small changes in this system in one area of the body can ripple out and affect the body as a whole. Although one of the least understood tissues of the body, the SweatShop is working to bring you up to speed.

Why are we focusing on all levels on fascia?

Fascia keeps everything in its place and gives shape to our bodies. It is best to compare it to the white part of an orange between the skin and the fruit, or the fibrous layer you see when peel off skin from chicken breast. There are two major kinds of fascia. The first is close to the skin, and easy to manipulate. The second is deep inside the body, and usually difficult to reach through massage or other manual techniques. Healthy fascia allows your body to move better, slide organs over one another easily, and reduce pain while increasing movement capabilities. Injuries and scar tissue can be eliminated or improved.

What can I do to improve fascia health?

Manipulation and movement of both surface and deep layer of fascia is important to keep your body healthy and happy. Our favorite saying for fascial health is “motion is the lotion.” Certain yoga poses and stretches help achieve this important type of movement and manipulation.

At the SweatShop we offer several ways to focus on Fascia. 

Look for Fascia Small Groups on the current SGT schedule. We offer weekly Fascia Stretch with Props and Fascia Flow and Stretch – easy ways to include fascia work. Both are 55-minute workouts, focused on fascia movement, stimulation, and hydration. Props (supportive foam rollers and bands) renew and refresh fascia. Slow, precise moves and guided breathing produce relaxation and greater range of motion.

Fascia Facts Workshop, for those seeking more.

Understanding and including a focus on fascial health is the new frontier for fitness and Pilates professionals, physical therapists, and simply savvy, healthy people.

This introductory 2-hour lecture-based workshop with Q&A, followed by a practical application class, will teach you some basic facts about fascia and how it relates to overall health and wellness. It also includes movement after the lecture. You will learn terminology, foundations, and principle concepts, along with a more dynamic visual understanding of fascia. You’ll leave with practical information and skills to begin using immediately. It will also prep those planning to take the more intensive Merrithew Fascial Movement Foundations course. 

Merrithew Fascial Movement Foundations Level One Course, for the pros.

This in-depth course is intended for those already working in the fields of fitness, therapeutic movement, or rehabilitation. The lecture component reviews fascial anatomy and physiology and explores the latest research. The practical application component of the course introduces the proprietary Merrithew Fascial Movement Variables. These movement variables are applicable to all forms of exercise, including Pilates, yoga, dance, barre, sports performance, and rehabilitation. Our next course will be held in April, 2022. Contact our Pro Team for course details.

Participants will learn:

  • to identify the components and explain its role and relevance to movement
  • articulate the difference between tensegrity and traditional force and lever-based biomechanics
  • define the Merrithew Fascial Movement Variables (FMV): Bounce, Sense, Expand and Hydrate
  • develop programs for clients of all levels using Merrithew FMV
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Published by SweatShop Admin January 30, 2022