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Find a Workout Buddy – Amp Up Your Workout Motivation

Sometimes life is a maddening swirl—and it gets in the way of our health and wellness. So, if you’ve been thinking to yourself, “Boy, I’ve got no motivation to exercise” you’re not alone. And the good news is there’s a great way to get back on track: Find a workout buddy.

A fitness partner is a great idea and in a training environment like the SweatShop, you can find one, or two…. or more and make sure you both get benefits out of the relationship.

The scientific benefits of a workout buddy

Exercising with a friend sounds great AND the research shows there are compelling benefits.

Studies show evidence that working out with someone else leads to:

  • Greater commitment to completing the goals of your workout plan
  • Increased satisfaction and happiness and, conversely, less stress and chance of depression
  • Greater adherence to working out over time with a commitment to routine
  • Increased workout intensity—in fact, it almost doubles with a workout partner

In other words, everything seems to be better with a fitness buddy or group.

 Find a workout buddy

So, where do you begin? How do you find that perfect fitness match? From apps, like BVDDY and Workout Buddies, to websites that help you find sports groups, like or well-known, the options are there—as are the potential partners.

Within a particular club or gym, look for someone who is engaging in the same types of workouts or taking the classes as you, and reach out. Trainers are great matchmakers for matching clients with similar fitness levels, goals and skills. Some clubs have taken a cue from the tennis and golf worlds and put together groups with similar goals and fitness levels. You can start by letting us know about your goals and desire to find a workout buddy—then let us do the matchmaking.

How to find—and be—a great fitness partner

  1. Choose well. A well-matched fitness buddy will have a similar workout style and goals, and they’ll take the commitment seriously. Studies show it boosts your performance if you choose someone who is more fit, so keep that in mind. They’ll pull you up to their level. Buddies are also better when their communication is upbeat, positive, encouraging, and FUN.
  2. Set clear goals. Then, share them, measure them, and monitor them. When you hit your benchmarks, reinforce each other’s success.
  3. Stick to the plan.Whatever the plan, make sure it works for you and your fitness buddy, and stick to it. Consistency is key when it comes to training results. Making standing times and days can be more efficient and effective, minimizing the need to coordinate and the potential for calendars to fill up.
  4. Keep the dialogue going. Sure, working out is the main event, but if there are opportunities to learn more about your workout buddy, check in and consider if you might want to include post-workout social time. Don’t use your workout for storytelling, gossip, or complaining. Instead, keep that conversation light and positive, so you stay focused and motivated.
  5. Review your commitment. What is your commitment to your workout buddy? Is it to learn one thing better in a set period of time, like Pilates or boxing? Or is it an ongoing relationship? Will you try new activities? Start with a time commitment and a time to re-evaluate. If it’s a perfect fit, you can “renew your vows.” Not so much? Move on and try again.

Over the years at the SweatShop, we’ve seen great success from fitness partner relationships:

  • One group of women has worked out as a group every Friday afternoon for 20 years, with new people rotating in and out.
  • Fitness buddy relationships have formed after clients participated in a boot camp together.
  • Trainers have put Pilates partners together, so each could economize and come more frequently by purchasing semi-sessions together.
  • Favorite groups have included men who’ve played football together 20 years ago and now do Pilates together—they’ve also included musicians, dancers, and old college friends.

Whatever your fitness goals and aspirations, chances are you will get their faster and easier with someone else—and you’ll come out the other side both physically and mentally stronger. If you have a buddy in mind and are ready to start, let us help you form a group. We are ready to help!



Published by SweatShop Admin January 30, 2022