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At SweatShop we create a personalized fitness adventure that helps you reach new goal. TRY US for 30 days and well get to know your needs and likes. Specializing in STOTT® Pilates, short burst training, general fitness and professional training.

Short Burst Group Training

Shorter workouts in general are catapulting even the most hardened couch potatoes to a new level of goal achievements. From athletic performance to Zoomer goals to stave off mid-age slumps and bumps, SweatShoppers have found that bite size chunks of training in 25 minutes makes high-level fitness reachable. POWER PACK gives you the skills to get started SBT25 and POWER workouts.

Pilates Group Training

The SweatShop is a STOTT PILATES® Licensed Training Center, one of 53 in the world. As a fully equipped Pilates facility, the SweatShop offers more Pilates options than any other facility in the Midwest. SweatShop Pilates staff are experienced, STOTT PILATES® trained and certified. FAST TRACK TO REFORMER is the fastest way to get started in Pilates.

November 1 & 2 Open House  FREE with  RSVP Workouts

November 1 & 2 Open House FREE with RSVP Workouts

Newbies and Beginners Are Invited! Friends, family members, your favorite barista-   grab a workout date and RSVP for one, two or three workouts.When  you bring a friend both YOU and your Guest will earn 100 Perkville points ( our reward system)  to use toward future purchases of services, including training.  This is the event for you!!! Our November Open House Weekend offers  FREE introductory events and inclusive workouts designed…

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5 Week  POWER  Challenge; sign up this week!

5 Week POWER Challenge; sign up this week!

  POWER challenge launches this weekend! Sign up  for the POWER  Challenge and  POWER POTLUCK this Thursday at  6 pm and you will double dip your way to reward points, challenge points and a  well rounded and  higher level  of fitness! 5 Week Power  Challenge is a bingo style card that includes POWER workouts, featuring new formats   Power Barre 25,  AND easy  referrals to Open House and events. Opt to be…

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FAST TRACK  Squared; SIX  private sessions in PILATES!

FAST TRACK Squared; SIX private sessions in PILATES!

 Have you been contemplating learning  Pilates skills? This is  your lucky MONTH!   Sweatshop Pilates staff will help you build the most solid foundation; THREE private reformer sessions and  THREE private Mat sessions.   This package is designed to get you off the ground and onto the mat and reformer with individualized attention, for those that are brand NEW to Pilates and have never done an intro or private package…

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Late  Fall Run/Walk Program starts Thursday, Nov. 6!

Late Fall Run/Walk Program starts Thursday, Nov. 6!

Runners, walkers and everyone in between — the training season starts in earnest NOW!  Late Fall Season RUN/WALK meets 2X a week for workouts. Eight  Thursday  workouts  indoors focusing on recovery and cross training  Eight Saturday outdoor  workouts  specifically for Runners and Walkers. New walkers and runner wannabes welcome.  Resister by Oct. 26 and oyu will get a bonus 5x Short Burst Training  pass. Group participants receive: •Coaching from SweatShop Trainers…

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The SweatShop has a great, friendly environment, a variety of classes and instructors who take care to make sure everyone…

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– Annie R.


I know now that The SweatShop is part of my daily life. Exercise is extremely important and needs to be…

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– Joan K.


The SweatShop continues to be at the forefront of the latest and greatest fitness trends. Change and cross training is…

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– Barb W.