Join us for Sample Saturday

Sample the SweatShop on the 14th of May.

Unsure where to begin? Join us for a free introductory Fitness or Pilates class at the SweatShop.

  • 8:30am: 25 minute Begin to Spin
  • 9am: Strength and Cardio Challenge workout 
  • 10am: Yoga Sculpt
  • 11am: Essential Reformer for Beginners
  • 12pm: Introduction to a career in Pilates

Be a friend, Bring a friend  = 100 Perkville Points

Choose the group that’s right for you


Essential Reformer Group

Get reformer ready with our entry-level group led by Emily. This class is perfect for those just starting out on their Pilates journey and will get you affiliated with reformer settings. 


Spin Group

Spinning, it's the best way to get your heart rate up, and build endurance. Join Francy for a 25-minute Begin to Spin session. She'll lead you through bike set up, posture technique and tips.

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Strength and Cardio Challenge

Combining cardio and strength training into one workout is an efficient way to maximize calorie burn. Join this session to get your blood pumping and kick your endorphins into high gear.

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