Pilates Training 3

Start your customized fitness program with the Power Pack.

The Power Pack is a perfect way to launch your workouts toward your goals and is ideal if you’ve never had training before. Three personal training 55-minute sessions allows you to work with two or three of our trainers to set goals, come up with an action plan, and learn skills and techniques. We can tailor the sessions to your needs, and can get you ready for Fitness and Spin classes.

In three sessions, dive into:

  • A fitness assessment,
  • Setting new goals, 
  • Setting a weekly routine,
  • Learning modifications for exercises from Small Groups or Classes.

Three sessions, tailored to your needs.

Start with this package of 3 private, 55-minute sessions to get you ready for more intensive training.


Session One

In your first session, you’ll go over fitness goals and expectations with your trainer. Come dressed for a workout: they’ll get you moving.


Session Two

Expanding upon your first session, your trainer will lead you through the basic fitness movement vocabulary and learn healthy techniques for all.


Session Three

For your final session, your trainer will cover balance work, agility work, and anything else you need to continue your fitness journey.

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We’re here to help

Uncovering the path to achieving your fitness goals may leave you with more questions than answers.

Let us lend a hand.

Give our Director of Guest Services, Francy, a shout at 651-646-8418 or connect with her by email. She can answer your questions—and help you discover a plan that works with your budget and busy schedule.