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Masked Stability Chair Pilates

Begin your customized Pilates journey with the Starter Package.

SweatShop starter packages include everything you need to start your path to improved health and fitness. 

This immersive package allows you to work with a variety of Pilates trainers in private training sessions, small group training, and classes. Ideally, your Pilates Starter Package is completed in three weeks, allowing you to create new habits and muscle memory, and to see and feel results. Your team of Pilates trainers will work with you to set goals and customize a training plan, and will keep you on track to hit those goals. 

Each package also includes a consultation on “what’s next” when the package ends so your Pilates journey continues!

The Ultimate Pilates Experience

Start with this comprehensive Pilates package and experience our Private Training, Group Training and Classes.


Private Training

3 Private, 55-minute Pilates training sessions.


Group Training

3 Small Group Reformer sessions.



3 week pass to unlimited mat Pilates classes.

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We’re here to help

Uncovering the path to achieving your fitness goals may leave you with more questions than answers.

Let us lend a hand.

Give our Director of Guest Services, Francy, a shout at 651-646-8418 or connect with her by email. She can answer your questions—and help you discover a plan that works with your budget and busy schedule.