Meet Sachiko

In addition to her work at the Sweatshop, Sachiko is a Flamenco dancer, teacher, choreographer and organizer. Her background as a professional artist is easy to see through the grace and elegance that she exhibits as she moves throughout her pilates classes. Sachiko helps her clients determine what they need to do to achieve a more balanced body and excels at creating personal programs that help them progressively reach this goal. Sachiko is a reliable and dedicated trainer, prioritizing communication and forming close relationships with her clients. She is also passionate about social justice issues and the diversification of pilates across the Twin Cities!

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Ask Sachiko about...

  • Flamenco
  • Fermentation
  • Our new dogs!

  • M.A. in Comparative International Education, University of Minnesota

  • 2017 McKnight Dancer Fellow

  • STOTT Pilates Matwork and Reformer Level-1 certification

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