Meet Elizabeth

Liz has worn many different hats over her years at the SweatShop. Currently, she is studying to become a physical therapist, and works as an instructor trainer for our professional STOTT training program. Liz is a life-long learner and natural teacher. She is capable of explaining complicated subjects with ease and uses her growing knowledge in PT to fine tune her capabilities as a Pilates instructor and trainer. Liz has also experienced chronic pain and injury at a level atypical for her age, an experience which makes her incredibly sympathetic and eager to work with those who experience similar chronic pain and challenges. 

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Ask Liz about...

  • Moving from a Pilates career to one in PT!

  • B.A. in Dance, Mankato State University
  • STOTT Pilates Full Certification
  • STOTT Pilaters Instructor Trainer
  • MindBody University
  • 200hr Yoga Certification
  • Kettlebell Certificate
  • TRX Certificate
  • Schwinn Indoor Cycling

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