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Get the ultimate SweatShop experience with the Dive-In package.

SweatShop starter packages include everything you need to start your path to improved health and fitness. Whatever your needs or challenges are, we have a starter package for you!

If you’re looking to go all in on private training, both Pilates and Fitness, start with our Dive-In intro. You’ll work with 6 private trainers on both Pilates and Fitness and will also get a one-month membership to try all of our classes, from Spin and yoga to fascia and Pilates.

Dive into Fitness & Pilates training.

Try it all! Get access to Private Fitness & Pilates Training and an all-access pass to scheduled classes for 30 days.


Private Fitness Training

3 Private, 55-minute fitness training sessions.


Private Pilates Training

3 Private, 55-minute Pilates training sessions.


All-access to Fitness & Pilates Classes

30 day all-access pass to scheduled classes.

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We’re here to help

Uncovering the path to achieving your fitness goals may leave you with more questions than answers.

Let us lend a hand.

Give our Director of Guest Services, Francy, a shout at 651-646-8418 or connect with her by email. She can answer your questions—and help you discover a plan that works with your budget and busy schedule.